Otter Vacuum are the sole UK distributor for JETS Sanitary Systems for the Land & Transport market, catering for any building, commercial or household and various modes of transport to meet your requirements

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Otter Vacuum™ are the sole UK Land & Transport distributor for JETS AS, offering an optimal Jets™ sanitary system for your building or transport application, whether it involves one, hundreds, or even thousands of toilets.

Otter Vacuum™ provides sanitary systems for all types of market; we can cater for any building, commercial or domestic and various modes of transport to meet your requirements. We can supply our compact vacuum sanitary systems to builders and visionaries of all kinds. These include facilities for both long, short and permanent installation, such as offices, hotels, hospitals, public toilets, event toilets, households and anything you could possibly think of!

Whether you have 50,000 people at a festival, 50 people at a prestigious outdoor VIP event, or require one efficient toilet for your newly refurbished basement you will receive clean, reliable toilets which are easy to service. Using the JETS™ system offers you the highest toilet sanitary solution with regards to efficiency, compact ability and reducing your carbon footprint.

Professional Quality Service

Our experienced staff at Otter Vacuum™ are able to provide information and practical help from your first contact with us to the completion of your order. We offer a personal and professional level of service with attention to detail and the correct interpretation of our clients' needs and wishes.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Every time you flush you are using at least 8 litres of fresh water to transport 0.2 litres of human waste. Our toilets use vacuum to transport the waste using less than a litre of water! Otter vacuum™ and JETS™ co-operate to cut your water usage by up to 90%.

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