The environmental benefits with JETS™ technology

How can Jets™ help reduce the strain on our planet's resources?

The answer is simple: our vacuum sanitary systems cut water use by up to 90% and also reduce waste volumes correspondingly, resulting in lower energy consumption for supplying water, and for storing and handling waste. In short, we deliver real-world solutions to pressing real-world challenges: water, waste and energy.

75% of the earth's surface is water - but less than 1% of it is fresh water, which we waste by using it to flush our toilets. Waste volumes grow exponentially with the global population increase and increased standard of living. This is where our vacuum systems come in, using less than a litre of water to remove the waste from the toilets and instead, utilizing air to suck the waste out and make for a better, more efficient and cleaner environment.

Jets™ sanitary systems reduce both water and waste volumes.

By using less than 1 litre of water per flush, our systems represent the change in sanitary technology that the world needs. The gravity toilet is an outdated design that uses far too much of our water and energy resources.
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