Corporate Buildings
If you want your building to be above the rest by saving water, reducing your waste volume or installing pipes independent of gravity then the JETS™ vacuum toilet system is what you need.

Private homes sometimes install a vacuum system to meet regulations or requirements, such as obtaining a building permit when building a new house below the level of the public sewage network. Larger buildings with hundreds of toilets are usually set on saving water - and money. And some are just thinking about the environment. Our systems let you do all of the above.

The main benefits for installing JETS™ vacuum equipment
  • Easy and fast installation: Our piping is 50mm making it far more efficient and reliable than normal gravity piping.
  • No risk of leaks: Vacuum piping is extremely air tight. If a leak does occur you will know immediately by the pumps running for longer.
  • Constant vacuum system solutions : Are used to enable connection and reliable operation of virtually unlimited numbers of toilets. CVS™ systems are expandable - so if more toilets are installed, simply add more vacuum units.

Vacuum systems for larger buildings
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Domestic Houses

The Thompson House

We were delighted to install five Charm™ vacuum toilets into a modern, new build in Salisbury. Surrounded by traditional cottages and large scenic fields, the contemporary home definitely stands out. With huge windows to take in the impressive views and a garden on the roof, this home required a sanitary system that was current and fresh. The house also boasts wall and floor insulation higher than your average build to keep the heat in, as well as air source heat pumps which will absorb heat from the outside air. This heat will then be used to heat radiators and under floor heating systems. A whole-house ventilation system has been fitted and is critical to an energy-efficient home to maintain indoor air quality and reduce heating and cooling costs of the house.  It offers a balanced low energy ventilation solution for new builds and re-uses up to 95% of the heat that would have otherwise been lost.


Plus the new build has been constructed with resources such as glass, timber, aluminum and steel which are all recyclable materials. The sedum roof provides a microclimate for small birds and insects; it can reduce the need for air conditioning or heating, it can improve the air quality and provides a green space for food growing if necessary. We are proud that our vacuum toilets also benefit this house and the environment massively, for example as little as 0.5 litres of water is used per flush compared to 6 litres for a traditional toilet which provides a water reduction of approximately 90%. 

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What else we can do:

  • Holiday homes/lodges
  • Shepherd huts
  • Garden/outdoor living spaces

Our vacuum toilets can be installed into almost any kind of structure that you can imagine. More and more people are expanding the traditional concept of a building. Outdoor living spaces can be perfect for all kinds of weather and a real haven to escape to down the bottom of your garden. But why put that much time, money and effort into an outdoor living space to then have to run up to the house to use the bathroom! Our vacuum toilets offer the ideal solution, with smells evacuated with each flush and energy consumption extremely low at approximately 4 kwh per person/year. This is also a wonderful resolution for holiday homes and cabin lodges where sophistication can be maintained right through to the loo!

Where sewage mains and emptying a tank is sometimes difficult or physically impossible the JETS™ Bio tank is a user friendly, clean and efficient composting system which will provide you the best environmentally friendly solution for every disposal of waste. Great for shepherd huts in the middle of a field or amongst forestry, where adventure goes hand in hand with being kind to the environment!


More information on Cabins and Leisure
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Otter Vacuum™ has worked in partnership with Flexiloo® LLP for over 8 years designing bespoke, clean and eco-friendly sanitary mobile installations. Flexiloo® is a manufacturing company of specially designed luxury toilet, vanity and urinal modules that can easily fold and be transported around. They supply to the VIP event market to buy for use at festivals, corporate events, and weddings all over the world. This is why they needed a sanitary system that looked smart and was good for the environment saving up to 90% water usage!

For more information on the Flexiloo® system and their products visit  

We have supplied our vacuum toilets to many trailer businesses in the UK, where companies and customers alike want to have something more luxurious than a plastic loo flushed with blue chemical, which is unpleasant and smells. Our vacuum toilets have provided people with a clean, sanitary solution with no smells as our toilets use mostly air, the smells are flushed out with it. It’s the perfect solution for turning your trailer into a lavish one.

But don’t just take our word for it….

Jonathan Mills, Director of Classic Chambers

"The Jets™ vacuum system supplied by Otter vacuum has transformed our hire operations allowing us to provide loos for more premium events that demand ever higher quality washrooms. The system copes much better with larger events and extended hires, being much cleaner and requiring considerably less servicing than traditional systems. We find that once a customer has hired a Jets vacuum trailer they always choose this option for future events. We've been delighted with the service provided by Andrew and the team at Otter Vacuum. Great product and great service combined. Thank you."

Classic Chambers constructs exclusive mobile toilet trailers for high class events.

Jets Smart Vacuum Sanitary Solutions for Mobile Installations

Otter Vacuum™ had the delightful prospect of supplying two vacuum toilets to Ollie Kemp, who bought an old worn out double decker bus, and completely re-vamped it, turning it into a Japanese pod style hotel, that you can drive! Ollie’s brilliant idea got noticed and he featured on George Clark’s Amazing Spaces and now has his own business and we are overjoyed that our vacuum toilets were given a little limelight.

Please check out BEDROAM for more information

Here’s what Ollie had to say…

"Creating the BEDROAM concept has been a challenge as is starting any new idea or business.

Sourcing reliable robust equipment at a price that I could afford seemed like an unachievable task at times.

The systems I researched were highly complex and would require vast amounts of space.

Through refusing not to compromise on the quality of a toilet system I came across the Otter Vacuum ™ Company.

Most of my enquires had been disregarded when contacting other companies so when a interested friendly Andrew Hay answered my call and explained what he could do, BEDROAM's check list was complete!  

With the unprofessional basic designs I sent Andrew he was able to give me a quote and has helped me design a quality system which has fitted into the limited space that I have, he's always there to answer my queries and questions and hopefully I've managed to impress him with the finished product.

Proving to people the potential of BEDROAM is still the biggest challenge but working with companies like Otter Vacuum™ makes life so much easier."


Condensation wastewater from fridges and freezers can be a challenge for supermarkets. Jets™ vacuum systems enable simple and efficient transport of condensation water even if there are no drains available near the fridge - by lifting the water vertically in the piping.

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Our systems offer a wide range of uses, and can solve all kinds of sanitation challenges. One example is their use in marinas to empty waste tanks on boats. Marinas need an efficient emptying system to keep the lakes clean, Jets™ and Otter Vacuum™ have the solution they need.
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